KWIAT – Bulgarian eyewear brand

KWIAT is a family company founded in Bulgaria in 1991 by Mr. Michael Cwetkow. We are a producer and a dealer of sunglasses and prescription frames KWIAT and we work with more than 450 optics in Bulgaria as well as exporting to over 20 countries abroad.


KWIAT models are designed according to the latest fashion trends in the eyewear industry but also to the local specifics of each new market that we introduce our products to.


As a fashion-industry company we are taking part in a number of prestigious events with our eyewear being presented side by side fashion designers and high street brand.


At KWIAT we focus on each detail and on the supreme quality of every model we design and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd and what makes our models unique. We use raw materials only from the best world-renowned suppliers in the production of our sunglasses and prescription frames.

Social responsibility

KWIAT is a socially engaged company and thus we organize an annual campaign focused on different aspects of the eyes’ health and different social groups. Our campaigns are conducted in partnership with small and large, socially responsible businesses, government institutions, and NGO’s.

KWIAT’s faces

  • Dr. Angel Enchev
  • Iva Ekimova
  • Rositsa Rangelova
  • Professor Lubomir Stoykov
  • Sylvia Katsarova
  • Gloriа
“KWIAT sunglasses and prescription frames are extremely comfortable and stylish and their high quality is just another proof that the Bulgarian brand is a competitor to be feared worldwide. Symmetry Beauty Clinic’s team and I are trusting KWIAT with our eyes health.”

Dr. Angel Enchev – plastic surgeon
“A prestigious Bulgarian brand that can worthily stand next to any of famous competitors worldwide – this is KWIAT for me.”

Iva Ekimova – TV presenter and PR specialist
“For me, KWIAT is trendy and innovative. They offer products with aesthetic features and practical use.”

Rositsa Rangelova – fashion designer
“KWIAT – the first Bulgarian eyewear company has become a model for professionalism, supreme quality modernity. KWIAT’s success and popularity are driven not only by the quality of its products but by the effective and unique communication policy, its active and innovative participation in the fashion life and events.”

Professor Lubomir Stoykov – PR specialist and fashion expert
“KWIAT eyeglasses are very comfortable and trendy. A great combination of sophistication and beauty at reasonable prices. I have been wearing the KWIAT prescription frame for a long time and I am completely satisfied. I recommend KWIAT eye-wear to everyone who loves comfort and the modern lifestyle – for dynamic and positive people.”

Sylvia Katsarova – pop singer
“I am wearing KWIAT eyewear for many years now and I always recommend them to my friends. Thank you for being my friend – be successful.”


KWIAT’s history

A flower that continues to bloom

In Bulgaria, more than a quarter of a century ago, a flower was born from the love between a Polish woman from a noble family and a Bulgarian from Svoge. In 1962, Mr. Michael Cwetkow met Dr. Maria Bierut and immediately fell in love. They are a wonderful family, despite the difficulties along the way. In 1991, Michael and his son Pawel decided to start a company in Bulgaria. After much deliberation on how to name the company, the family decided to stick to the Polish word ‘KWIAT’. This word means a flower and so Michael Cwetkow connects it with the love for his wife. The love story continues…

The history of KWIAT continues…

In the early 1990s, Pawel was a student in Poland and met Edyta there. They fall in love and decide to return to Bulgaria. After their arrival, Pawel and Edyta began to develop the company KWIAT, becoming representatives of world-famous eyewear brands. They soon discover that it is actually their calling to create glasses themselves. So in 2003, Pawel and Edyta opened the KWIAT eyewear brand. Thus, they start producing designer sunglasses and prescription frames, in line with both the world’s leading fashion trends and the regional characteristics and needs of people around the world.

The first KWIAT collection

The preparation of the first collection lasts two years and has 45 models. This collection is the beginning of the Bulgarian eyewear brand KWIAT, as it is today. The company blooms like a flower, planted in the fertile soil of healthy family values and watered with much love. Even the paintings on the walls in the office were taken from the old house of Pawel’s grandmother, and some of the employees have been with the company from the beginning.
To the question: “Why do they decide to develop in Bulgaria?”, Pawel and Edyta answer as follows: “We believe that business can be done anywhere, but only in Bulgaria we can keep this love and these values that are embedded in the foundations of KWIAT!”