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Article 1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions refer to purchases from the KWIAT Online Business Portal at the address of

This portal is owned and run by “KWIAT” OOD, a limited liability company, with its registered office in Sofia, Bulgaria, entered in the companies register of the National Court Register for the capital city of Sofia, registration number: Tax/VAT ID: BG 130 899 216, (hereinafter the “Company”).

Prior to placing an order, the Customer must read and understand these Terms and Conditions. By making a purchase at the Online Shop, the Customer accepts all provisions set forth herein.

Article 2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings as below:

Website – the online service at, also called “KWIAT” OOD

Online Shop – the online sales service run by the Company and available to Customers, which sells Goods. The Online Business Portal can be accessed at

Goods – products offered to Customers by the Company through the Online Business Portal

Customer – a natural person who places an order using the Website, or a legal person, or possibly an organisational unit without legal personality, on behalf of which a Transaction is made

Order – when a Customer sends to the Online Business Portal a correctly completed order form available from the Website, in which they indicate Customer details and what Goods they wish to purchase from the Shop

Transaction – when a Customer purchases Goods from the Online Business Portal as per these Terms and Regulations, based on an Order

Payment – a consideration in cash from a Customer in respect of a Transaction

Article 3. Registration and Logging in

In order to be able to make purchases at the Online Business Portal, a Customer must first be registered.

Registration is made by completing a ‘registration form’ at the

To be registered, a Customer must read and accept these Terms and Conditions, meaning that you also grant consent to “KWIAT” OOD for the processing of your personal data required for the completion of orders they place with the Online Business Portal.

Upon completion of the registration form “KWIAT” OOD will send an email to the address provided in the registration form to confirm that you details have been received.

After detailed company research is conducted and if your business partnership request is approved, “KWIAT” OOD will send an email to the address provided in the registration form, containing confirmation that an account has been activated.

When a Customer has been registered, they may log in to the Online Business Portal using the email (as login) and the password you chose during registration.

Article 4. Making orders

Customers can place orders 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week through the Having registered and logged in, a Customer places an order by indicating on the Website the product they wish to purchase. They then click the button to put the product into the basket and confirm the order.

All products offered in the Online Business Portal are brand new with case, free of any legal defects, and marketed in Bulgaria and the EU pursuant to the applicable regulations. The Company shall make every effort to ensure that the Goods on offer meet high-quality requirements and all standards adopted by the Company for any form of sale.

The Company may be contacted via phone or email regarding any questions and issues related to Orders or Transactions from Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) 09:00 to 17:00.

The Company hereby informs that the detailed appearance of the Goods offered by the Online Business Portal (particularly, colors and hues) as seen on Customers’ devices (monitor, display) or images printed by Customers may differ from the actual appearance, depending on individual properties and settings of such devices.

Article 5. Prices

The Online Business Portal informs about the details of its range of products on the website, and offers Goods included in the database of the Online Business Portal through its Internet service.

Prices shown on the Online Business Portal website next to each product:

– Do not include VAT, and are given in euro;

– Do not include shipment costs;

– Are EXW Sofia, Bulgaria;

– All prices are final and Include any negotiated permanent discounts.

The binding and final price is that given on the Online Business Portal product page at the time when the Customer places an order.

“KWIAT” OOD reserves the right to make changes from time to time to the prices of the goods on offer, and start or stop any special offers or sale actions. The right mentioned in the previous sentence does not affect orders placed before a price change becomes effective, or a special offer or sale starts, and shall be completed under the same conditions as were applicable before that time.

Article 6. Payment and Delivery Conditions

Payment and delivery conditions shall be agreed individually with each customer pursuant to binding agreements.

Article 7. Personal Data

The details of a Customer who has created an account on the Website or who has placed an order shall be processed to the extent necessary for keeping the account or effecting Transactions, pursuant to the Act on the provision of services by electronic means. The personal data are administered by the Company.

Customers who have completed the registration process by completing the form, at the same time agree to receive regular commercial information on special offers and updates to the Company’s range of products.

Customers are entitled to view, correct, and request removal of their data. A Customer who wants to correct their personal details or request removal thereof should send a request by mail to “KWIAT” OOD, Platchkovitsa Str. 1A, Lozenetz, Sofia, Bulgaria, or possibly to the email address of however, in the latter case the Customer must send the message from the email address used for the creation of the account, and completion of Transaction.

Article 8. Licenses, Trademarks, and Copyright

“KWIAT” OOD makes all effort to ensure maximum accuracy and up-to-date nature of the information published on its website. We shall not be liable for any errors and inaccuracies insofar as these do not result from any gross negligence or deliberate act. “KWIAT” OOD shall not be liable for the content of any websites operated by third parties, as well as any internet lings leading to its own website. The colors of products presented on the photos may differ slightly from the actual ones.

Licenses – “KWIAT” OOD makes all effort to create an innovative and informative website. We ask you to keep in mind that we intend to protect our intellectual property rights, including our patents, trademarks, and copyright. Therefore, this website grants no licenses whatsoever for the use of either any intellectual property owned by “KWIAT” OOD or any intellectual property owned by third parties.

Trademarks – unless otherwise indicated, the trademarks on this website are protected by virtue of acquired rights on the trademarks of by “KWIAT” OOD. This also refers to the naming of the models, the logo, and the product signs.

Copyright – © “KWIAT” OOD. Any texts, images, graphics, video files, as well as their placement on the website, are covered by copyright as well as other intellectual property rights. It is prohibited to copy such items without the written consent “KWIAT” OOD for any commercial purposes or for the purpose of dissemination, modification, and publication of such items on any other websites. The websites of “KWIAT” OOD may contain images, whose copyright holder is a third party.

Article 9. Method of payment

Payment can be made by debit, credit and business card Visa or Mastercard.

Debit / credit card transactions are carried out through the security programs of MasterCard Identity check and VISA Secure through the E-commerce platform of DSK Bank. For security reasons, the maximum amount to be paid by card is EUR 4,100.

We do not store data on bank cards used for payment through the site.

Article 10. Final Stipulations

Provision of services may be terminated:

1. ”KWIAT” OOD reserves the right to terminate provision of services by blocking the account of a user who in a serious or persistent manner:

– Causes difficulty to or destabilises the operation of the Online Business Portal;

– Acts to the detriment of “KWIAT” OOD, breaching the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;

– Evades prompt payment for a placed Order as per the provisions hereof;

– Evades collection of an Order for cash on delivery sales.

2. If a user has not acted in breach of the Terms and Conditions but their actions have been deemed by “KWIAT” OOD as undesired, “KWIAT” OOD shall notify the user of this fact by email, with a demand that such actions be stopped immediately.

3. A user account shall be unblocked by “KWIAT” OOD based on explanation sent by the user to the following email address:, if “KWIAT” OOD deems such explanation acceptable.

4. Services provision shall be resumed by unblocking of the user account at “KWIAT” OOD’s discretion.

Suspension of services provision does not affect performance of agreements signed by the Seller or Customer whose user account has been blocked.

For matters unregulated herein, the commonly applicable legal regulations apply, in particularly the Civil Code and the stipulations of the Act on special terms and conditions of consumer sale and the amendment to the Civil Code and the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a harmful product.

The names of all products offered for sale by “KWIAT” OOD in the Online Shop are used for identification purposes and may be protected and reserved pursuant to the provisions of the Act on industrial property.

If these Terms and Conditions change, any orders placed prior to the date of such change shall be completed pursuant to the rules applicable before the change.

The prices do not include transportation costs.

In matters connected with transport, product replacement and claims please contact us directly to make individual arrangements.

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