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Drivers’ glasses

The security of the traffic depends not only on the technical characteristics of the car and driver's qualification, but on his sight: through the sight driver gets 90 % of the information that is needed for secure traffic. Most of the sight's impediments- myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, can be corrected with glasses. For real comfort, glasses should correspond to a number of rules. What is flashy light and why we should prevent it? Light runs in all directions of the three- dimensional space. The horizontal and vertical lights have the most earnest influence on our perceptions. Vertical light gives wholesome information for the eye, as this light allows seeing colors and contrasts, as the horizontal light makes optical noise or flashing. Bright surfaces as glass, water, snow or splashy highways, reflect white and flashing light. This light restricts the visibility, so we are not able to see colors and contrasts clearly. Polarized lenses block the horizontal light and allows only light that our eye can train well. Polarizing and save driving The consequences of the flashy light could be very dangerous on the road. Flashing could appear on the road very surprising and catch drivers napping. This could happen especially during the spring and the autumn, when Sun is low on the horizon. Splashy roads, bright light, maps on light- rejecting signs, cars in bright colors- all these factors could decrease visibility during driving. KWIAT polarized sunglasses completely decrease this dangerous blinding light. They increase the contrast and improve on perception of the colors. This makes driving safety. If you need dioptric glasses, you can order polish lenses JZO with polarizing cover and tinted lenses in the optical shops. You can get the best dioptric glasses for driving! Clip on glasses As we talk for the glasses for drivers, we should say a couple of words for the CLIP ON with sun protection, which get more and more popular not only in abroad, but in Bulgaria , because of their fleetness, functioning, compactness and good price. They allow combine characteristics of the dioptric glasses and those with UV protection. Nowadays, we have a variety of clip on glasses. In Bulgaria, SOLANO CILIP ON offers the best variety of frames with this technology. KWIAT Ltd. guarantees the quality of the clip on Solano glasses. KWIAT also offers a model of frames with three colors- polarizing clip- on: K 067, K068, K 069. Fashion and healthy: Blue Blocker cover for the lenses A technological novelty in lenses production is the Blue Blocker technology. This is a special cover operating as filter that completely eliminates 100 % of the UV rays. The lenses with Blue Blocker cover have saturated color- blue- rejected light that can be seen on the lens and yellow- the light that pass through the lens and reaches the eye. The effect is clear vision, estimating the right distance and 100% UV protection. The Blue blocker cover finds application in driving in fog and rain, dimmed light and twilight. These lenses are very practical in night driving.