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Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne – one of the legends of fashion and design in XX Century. The big experimenter provoking with his creations has built his own unique style with many admirers: Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardo, Sivia Vartan, and Audrey Hepburn. Paco Rabanne is very popular all over the world and he has following rewards: "Beauty Products Industry" (1969), "Oscar" it he world of fragrance – "Fragrance Foundation Recognition Award" (1974), "Golden needle" (1997), Award for contribution to fashion on First international festival of fashion (1985). "Gold thimble" (1990). In 1989 Paco Rabanne is universally acknowledged because of his talent and his participation in many humanitarian projects and he is prize winner with the highest distinction in Spain – Izabela Catholic' order and also French Legion of Honour. On 31.05.2001 the king of Spain – Juan Carlos handed to Paco Rabanne "Gold medal for achievements in fine arts".One more personification of talent of talent of the past-master is his collections frames and sunglasses "Paco Rabanne" and "Paco Rabanne Black XS". This is the rock music reincarnated in metal and plastic. Names of the models talk about themselves: Rolling Stones, Rock, and Santana etc. Spanish company Indo make frames and sunglasses of collection "Paco Rabanne" and "Paco Rabanne Black XS". And Indo also use contemporary technologies and high – quality, sure and antiallergic materials. Colours are classical and reserved and they are good background for bright elements of decoration.