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New, useful and comfortable – frames with interchangeable temples from KWIAT

We draw your attention on frames, which temples can be removed and replaced with others in different color with one simple move. The K 046 model from KWIAT Comfort collection can be found in the optical salons. You can choose the color of the frame and you can buy different color temples. This way you can have different glasses almost every day. When you change the color of your temples, your glasses handles will change and you’ll look different. During the day you can be in a completely black frame and in the evening you can change the black handles with red, yellow, blue, purple or even pink and look just like you feel. If you want you can even go to a party with two different temples of the glasses. With proper selection of contrasting colors, it would be sign of good taste and your originality will be noticed by your friends. On our Facebook page you can view photos of the model with interchangeable handles and find the right combination for you. Soon we will ynform you about other features and advantages of the new frames collection KWIAT Comfort.