Eyewear colors in your business day advices from Pavel Cvetkov

At the beginning of each season begins feverishly excited about the new fashion trends. However most hit fashion trends are often difficult to apply in the business day of business confidence.

At the beginning of each season begins feverishly excited about the new fashion trends. However most hit fashion trends are often difficult to apply in the business day of business confidence. Still, it's nice stylish and elegant business look to refresh with current and adequate fashion accessories. In this sense, the glasses are accessories that issue squarely as style and class, and a sense of fashion and elegance. To provide adequate from a business perspective trends in sunglasses, sought the expertise of Mr. Pavel Tsvetkov, owner of thebrand sunglasses KWIAT. The leading trend in sun and prescription eyewear for the season is the variety of colors. They set the mood and color of the spring look. Furthermore, extremely topical remain classic retro shapes – ideal for business vision. For spring-summer 2013 the amount of sun and optical frames are aligned and retro shapes lengthen – become a cat and round. The color ladies can easily trust the wine colored burgundy or so-called, which sounds noble and stylish, and it is also a very good option for spring look. It is suitable for the office and everyday or formal occasions. This range goes to a lot of ladies in adults and people with lighter skin. In the brave representatives of the fair sex can bet and highly topical emerald green. It is suitable for ladies with fair hair and a brunette. Dark shades of blue stand out in designer creations both KWIAT, and other popular fashion brands glasses. Cobalt is present in metallic matte option as an intense color or as a print. This exquisite tone is ideal for warm weather because grabs attention and is suitable for various occasions. Besides cobalt chic should not be neglected neutral gray color that can be combined with all other shades to give balance and chic appearance. Interesting fashion proposal, suitable for women and men in the business world is the effective combination – matte and shiny black with gray. This does not exhaust the richness of color this season. The second portion of colorful flowers is a mix of pastel, bold, classic and avant-garde colors. Purple shades are one of the most magnetic in the color palette, because they bring a feeling of strength, power and sexiness. Designers often overlook violet splendor during the spring-summer season and this year is no exception. Different shades of that color – lavender, eggplant, plum, etc. – and give a wonderful choice. Gold, silver and any other metal reflections will add luxury and chic vision during the warmer seasons. In business wardrobe could find a place with clear glasses shape, designed in shades of green tobacco. However, if you have any shade of doubt to bet, you can always choose classic black. This color is timeless and has become synonymous with the word elegance. Therefore, it is present in almost all models of sunglasses collection for 2013 KWIAT. Two basic colors – black and white unisex shape with Bulgarian brand offers classic sunglasses with national flag. Limited edition glasses Bulgarian flag is part of an innovative line KWIAT Comfort. All models in it are made from high-tech material of the future TR 90 Natural. Glasses made from it are extremely strong and at the same time elastic, anti-allergic and 25% lighter antibacterial frames. The comfort of this line is related to the presence of "memory effect" which allows the frame to always return to its original position, even after a strong bending or twisting.Regardless of current trends in colors and shapes in glasses should always be fashionable what we are going and what we are comfortable because they also fashion and health – advises Mr. Pavel Tsvetkov.