We always do our best

Have you ever wondered what this sign means on the packaging of KWIAT eyewear?

We all know that this is the sign of recycling. The numbers and letters actually show the degree of recycling of this hard flexible plastic (the bag), which is higher than the others.

That’s why the bags KWIAT uses are absolutely recyclable!

Antibacterial cellulose acetate sheet… what now?

From the first collection of KWIAT the glasses go through a special anti-allergic and antibacterial treatment. And like anything, this method is evolving in a positive direction to get to the point where this antibacterial cellulose acetate sheet appears. In fact, antibacterial protection is involved in its production.

The antibacterial sheet is a large piece of plastic from which the individual parts of the KWIAT glasses are cut. These parts can suppress or kill bacteria and even viruses on them. This is to suppress the growth of microbes and thus they do not stick to the glasses. KWIAT sunglasses and dioptric frames have highly effective, broad-spectrum, long-term antibacterial properties.

How to get the antibacterial sheet

This seems easy, but it is a long and complicated process: 

Especially for you we`ll release some of the latest KWIAT models, which are expected at the end of February 2021. Each plastic part of them is made of such antibacterial cellulose acetate sheet obtained from cotton. 

And this time we do not betray our style – a variety of colors and shapes.