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Lenses with blue blocker coating

The Blue Blocker coating is something like selective interferential filter that totally eliminates 100 % of the UV rays with blue residuum of the coating. The lenses with Blue Blocker coating have saturated colour:BLUE – refract light that is seen on the lensYELLOW – the light that goes through the lens and reaches the eyeThe effects of that Blue Blocker coating are: clear vision; estimating the right distance; and 100 % UV protectionWe offer this coating putted on:

  • mineral lenses Izokron 15, Izofoto 15 and Izofoto G / Izofoto G plus – putted on the inner side
  • organic lenses with hard coating and all indexes of refraction (except Golden Line) – putted on the external surface. On the inner side we put on AR 3 coating.

The organic lenses with Blue Blocker coating have hydrophobic coating as same as the AR 3 Szmaragd coating. The mineral lenses with hydrophobic coating as the same as the AR 2 – Irys plus.The Blue Blocker coating is putted on by vacuum evaporation. It is often used when you drive in rain, fog and dusk. The Blue Blocker coating is NOT an AR coating!!!it have high degree of transmission, over 500 mm and under that degree there are reflections. This Blue Blocker coating does not decrease the intensification of the head – light illumination.

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