Valentina Voykova is an admirer of KWIAT

Valentina Voykova, the charming presenter of BNT's morning talk show "The day starts", turned out to be a passionate admirer of sunglasses. That the ex-competitor and horse-riding trainer has an affinity to the so called "rock" and "pilot" style models is a surprise to no one. Kamen Valkanov's camera managed to catch some moments of Voykova's fashionable temptations. She came to the office of the famous Bulgarian optical trade mark "KWIAT" and tried on tents of pairs of sunglasses. She seemed to prefer the ones with a slight retro influence ("vintage") and bigger forms. "I like KWIAT's glasses, because they are comfortable, beautiful and unconventional. I love the extravagant style, which doesn't let you remain unnoticed. At the same time I can't stand that kind of accessories, glasses included, whose style is too ‘chatty' and irritates with its show-off luxury''. – the TV presenter shares. It is particularly important to her that optical accessories are in tune with the individual dressing style and that they let everybody be different.