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Virginia Zdravkova and Kwiat have worked in an unique harmony for a third year in a row

Meeting our costumers' expectations, we made a special collection of sunglasses and dioptric frames Virginia by Kwiat 2009. The collection is made for people looking for high-quality articles having high aesthetic value and the most importantly – unsurpassed modernity and unique models. The sunglasses have high-quality lenses characterized with firmness against breaking, cracking and scratching. They secure full elimination of light glimmers which might make the normal eyesight difficult and optimum protection against unhealthy UVA, UVB, UVC rays. The lenses allow fast eye adaptation to any kind of light conditions. All the frame models are made either of the most high-quality elastic plastic material or of extremely strong and light metal. All the models are covered with high-quality antiallergic cover. You can see all the models of the collection Virginia by KWIAT.

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