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Teddy Katsarova with KWIAT sunglasses in new video

The charming pop singer Teddy Katsarova chose one of the most modern and original sunglasses KWIAT, for her new video for the song "Boogie Down". Teddy added some current models sunglasses in her own winter collection of fashion accessories. Sunglasses are truly exotic accessory in winter, but also very fashionable. Trends in 2011 emphasizing the variety of colors in metal frames, although until now they were mostly gray and brown without much color and pied coatings. Modern colors are different inside and out – a combination of matte and shiny surfaces, especially gold, dark silver, blue, green, of course black and brown. Stones and heavy ornaments are missing, the design is clean, but as always up to date is the red color as an accent or in combination with black. Modern colors are gray, red, burgundy, purple and blue or green colors are prevail. Very suitable for ladies are delicate beige glasses with ivory color.

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