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KWIAT will present the new children's eyewear collection in The Children's Day (01-th of June). SWING from KWIAT has top quality design and manufacturing excellence of SWING are guaranteed by the use of materials sourced entirely from Europe: Special TR-90 Natural material from Switzerland, components of German technology, for a product that is also certified under food safety (Ministerial Decree) and toy safety standarts. This is the first children's frames collection in Bulgaria made from this material. The parents will not have to buy new glasses again and again because SWING from KWIAT glasses are unbreakable. With its 100% organic dye, you do not have to worry about the chemicals. Just because its unbreakable, antialergic and antibacterial structure, it provides protection against all kinds of shock and microbes. Heavy weight glasses affects the development of children's nose bad. Because of this SWING from KWIAT glasses are just 3 grams. The different new models are colored in orange, turquoise and purple and etc.. The children will have true fashion accessory, not just means to correct vision. They love to imitate the adult world and would also like to have fashionable frames such as those of their parents. The collection includes models for the youngest kids / about a year old / and glasses for teens. For each frame the child receives colorful children's case. For the youngest, parents will be able to buy extra special stand on which the child can leave his glasses while sleeping. This stand is a rubber toy-animal name's "FiFi" and it will become best friend of the child. Wearing glasses is not problem anymore – it is entertainment J Some of the models have special children's chains for easy adjustment and child can not lose his glasses. SWING from KWIAT are the healthiest kids glasses that parents have ever bought. Reaching all these features have never been so affordable. Enjoy us on Facebook and see more information, pictures and news 🙂