GLORIA stay first face of new KWIAT COLLECTION 2013

Music icon singer Gloria deserved break after the first two months of the year managed to stay first face of eyewear newest collection KWIAT 2013

Famoust balkan music singer – icon Gloria returns with new professional projects after deserved rest during the first two months of the year. Among the many engagements with the opening of its two new songs "Killing ground" and "Pulse", she managed to shoot and shoot with select models and stay first face of the new collection and special KWIAT line KWIAT Comfort your favorite sunglasses and frames. New collection for the main KWIAT are sunglasses that can be fitted with a magnifying lens. And now ladies models with polarized glasses. For the design of the glasses remains the retro wave, as in the main collection and the new line KWIAT Comfort. Retro patterns are medium sized and are the most current pilot (kidney) form, and a little cat ladies. Gloria herself not once filmed photo shoots and videos clip with glasses KWIAT, became convinced of the high degree of comfort in models from the new line. It is associated with the presence and the "memory effect" which allows the frame to always return to its original position, even after a strong bending or twisting. Feeling comfortable during the photo shoot Gloria said that the song "Pulse" which in dub step style, it has received significant help from his daughter Simona. Because of her and her friends, teens who are representatives of the younger audience she decided to experiment with this new style. Moreover, her fans are used to their constant surprises and presents themselves expect something new and different. Despite its inspiration from teenagers who are the future of Bulgaria and its desire to satisfy their musical tastes with new modern songs, Gloria worked hard in the direction of classic Bulgarian folk music. This soothing and gives her strength, as she says, except that it does it with ease and great love. So in the collective folk album that will be released in the spring, she plans to have two or three new folk songs. Inspiration from our youth still will not stop here, and from Gloria surprises yet to come 🙂