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Gloria and Svetlio took pat in the Dancing Starts TV Show – inspired by James Bond

Inspired by the rehearsal of the Argentine tango they danced on the Tina Turner "Golden Eye" song on the Dancing Starts TV Show, Gloria and Svetlio shot a short video and did a spontaneous photo-shoot. Thanks to her favourite KWIAT aviator sunglasses, Gloria got into the role of the famous "Lara Croft" or "a James Bond Girl" – stylish and bold. A state of the art, mirrored sunglasses model with a chrome metal shining is becoming one of the most popular KWIAT products on the market today. Svetlio who was also in the Hollywood "Bond-style" vision, proved to be not only a good dancer but an amazing movie star partner. James Bond favourite, high-tech vehicle – a stylish Bentley, was also part of the movie and photo-shoot of the best pair in the Dancing Starts TV Show.