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KWIAT – Outdoor media campaign for 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

KWIAT's team is constantly working towards supporting our customers and is striving to help them increase their sales of KWIAT products – everything we do is with the customer in mind – from the use of supreme quality materials in the process of manufacturing, the trendy design, conceived with the requirements of the end customer to the multiple advertising campaigns and marketing strategies which are all implemented with your help. We are sharing some photos from the latest advertising campaign that we carried out. It is aimed at increasing the brand awareness of the KWIAT through the use of City Lights billboards, positioned at high-traffic-places. This move was conceived and implemented just before the launch of our amazing New KWIAT 2014 Spring/Summer sunglasses collection and the start of the Saint Valentine's Day promotion in order to increase the sales in a certain period. Working "behind the scenes" is going on and we hope to keep on satisfying the fans of KWIAT eye-wear with your help You can find more photos on our Facebook page.

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