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KWIAT – 2014 eye-wear trends and designs

The new KWIAT sunglasses and frames collection reflects the latest fashion trends from around the world. To make a statement of this, the bulgarian eye-wear brand KWIAT had a dedicated photoshoot in partnership with the young and talented fashion designer Nikolay Bozhilov, acting as a fashion consultant. The latest news from the world of fashion and eye-wear, 2014 leading trends and some amazing models from the new KWIAT 2014 Spring/Summer Collection.When we look at the shapes of the latest sunglasses models we can easily see that the trends follow the last year's ones and improve upon them. All retro shapes are still trendy – cat's eyes, wayfarer and most of all the well-known aviator models. Some new shapes such as the mask and butterfly are becoming increasingly popular. We are also observing a return of the round and rectangular shapes. An entirely new shape, designed by the specialists at KWIAT is a combination of retro-cat's eye and round design. Unlike the worldwide practice of manufacturing eye-wear in one size, the bulgarian brand is offering models for different face shapes, especially for the big retro shaped ones. Regarding the materials used in the production, a worldwide trend is the use of plastic, exception makes the metal framed aviator models. No compromise is made when it comes to the sunglasses lenses – only high quality A class – CR 39, material used for prescription glasses. It does not bend the light and has the best permeability and contrast for the eye. The new 2014 sunglasses collection boosts more than 200 models featuring an abundance of designer elements and details. Coloured, mirror film is the leading trend when it comes to lenses. It is typical for the wayfarer and aviator designs but it is already being used in other models as well. Most of the mirror lenses are chameleon type mostly coming in red, yellow, green, orange, 3-4 shades of blue, gold etc. Frames' designs are feature white, black, cracnerry, bordeaux, makiato coffee, blue, tiger shades, brownish, etc. Some eye-catching and stylish combinations of 2 -3 colours can be seen, as well as the entirely new concept of combining 4 colours in one model (blue, pink, white and black as well as brown with white, black wth blue). The aviator model is the ultimate bestseller. Most ladies' designs feature shiny metal frame, mostly gilded while the mens' models are predominantly black, brown, dark grey and even more extravagant tiger pattern. KWIAT if offering 4 classic aviator models in different colours and more than 10 slightly re-modelled aviator shapes, ranging from ones with elegant and more extravagant designer frame elements, sport models, almost rectangular male model, prolonged unisex model with slightly curved shape for a better fit and a solid frame as well as a lightweight aviator model with more straight cut frame. Better fit and bolder shape is the new trend in the cats models. White and black, tiger and snake skin patterns are the latest colour trends. Embossed frame patterns are entirely new technology in the eye-wear design. A combination of white and transparent on the outside, making the big glasses seem smalleris also a new development in the cats shapes. The retro, wayfarer shape follows the coloured, mirrored glasses trend. This preferred by the youngsters and the teenagers shape is becoming more common among the adults. Coloured temple tips resembling the glasses nuance as well as transparent temples with built in metal again resembling the glasses colour are the latest designer touches to the classic wayfarer model, offered by KWIAT. Polished and matt plastic used together in one model. The combination of different materials and colours gives an eye-catching look to this design. The mask eye-wear shape is another unisex model, enjoying high popularity – it covers the whole distance between the eyes, features some designer-made elements and the frame is made from both metal and plastic. KWIAT has taken this classic shape and created another unique design, combining it with the evergreen, aviator model, resulting in a light, polarised pair of sunglasses. You can choose between a sport design mask and a rimless one. KWIAT offers you a variety of colours ranging from classic to more extravagant ones e.g. red, purple, bordeaux, gold and brown. Butterfly-style shape also comes in two different types – metal and plastic and it is characterised by four frame colours, a lightweight, solid frame with designer elements. The round shapes are also present in the new KWIAT 2014 sunglasses collection and they come in different shapes eye-catching colour variations – black, milky white and transparent as well as brown with white and transparent beige. The edge of these models is delicately bevelled which gives and extra level of comfort. Keep in mind that the round eye-wear shape is not suitable for rounded or cheeky faces unlike the rectangular and square eye-wear shape. The latter are suitable for classic eye-wear models and for people not influenced by fashion trends but making no compromise when it comes to quality.