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Summer holiday with KWIAT – TV presenter Iva Ekimova and her daughter Dara

We open up the summer wardrobre of Iva Ekimova and her daughter Dara and what we see in the front are their favourite KWIAT sunglasses and the good old blus jeans. Stylish and colourful clothes are also a must for the mother and daugher alike. The fashion duo mother and daughter added a few pairs or trendy KWIAT sunglasses especially for the summer season. The holder of BG Fashion Icon 2014 award shares that she has been a bit sceptical about the coloured lenses sunglasses but after geting one such model herself she rapidly changed her opinion. "I am a bit picky and conservative when it comes to glasses and it usually takes me ages before I decide to choose a new model" shares Iva. This exactly is the reason why Iva and Dara trusted the professional advice of Pawel Cwetkow – manager of the bulgarian eye-wear brand KWIA, who helped them choose trendy sunglasses for the summer. The TV host and PR specialist shares: "I am a big supporter of the idea that we should buy local brands. So you can imagine my surpise whrn I found out that my favourite KWIAT model with thin metal frame and coloured lenses was the most admired by my friends even more than a similar model by a big Italian brand. As a fashion icon, Iva is very precise in mixing clothing styles with her glasses as an accessory. Sports models with thin frames for the leisure time and holidays and classic models for the busy everyday life. Dara has a bit more freedom when it comes to mixing styles but each one of them stics to her own pair of glasses. But it is a totally different picture when it comes to the clothing. Dara is taking more and more clothes from her mother's wardrobe – mostly her coloured jeans and a few tops. Dara is also resembling her stylish mother's style less often except for the few pieces that she manages to "steal" from her mother's wardrobe. To wear the same size jeans as your daughter definitely speaks good for yourself and not without a reason. Dara is looking after her body being fit with dancing and Iva is a dedicated gym fan for years now. "I am happy that after 2 -year pause I am back into my top shape. I am sure that taking care of yourself is a sign of respect to yourself and to the others as well. I also like Alexander Macquuen's saying that in order to look well dressed, you must look good undressed, too. In the suitcases bound for the summer holiday in Greece, Dara and Iva put their bathing suits, sunglasses, sneakers and a few bestseller books.

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