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The contemporary artist Stavri Kalinov challenge stereotypes with KWIAT eye-wear

The contemporary artist Stavri Kalinov is personalising every piece of art that he creates through his unique style and approach. Even someting as simple as choosing the right pair of glasses is a game of colours and shapes for him, a game which he embraces with childish enthusiasm. While trying different models from the latest collection of the bulgarian eye-wear manufacturer KWIAT, Stavri Kalinov's charismatic personality transformed into a number of different characters at his art gallery. Classic shapes and colours as well as blue and red ones were among the favourite combinations that the artist chose from the KWIAT prescription frames collection. The stylish golden-brownish palette also proved suitable for the contemporary artist while the classic black frame with a thin silhouette gives a more business and sophisticated look of the artist and sculpturer. His blue eyes on the other hand have a remarkable effect on his charisma and outlook when combined with frames in different shades of blue. The sunglasses that Stavro chose were the trendy models with modern mirrored lenses in shades ranging from blue to yellow. The innovative clip technology also drew Stavri's attention. Stavri Kalinov admits that as an artist he often loses or breaks his glasses and this is exactly why Mr. Pawel cwetkow's (KWIAT founder) made sure that he has enough glasses for work or different occasions. Keeping in ming Stavri's innovative way of thinking an perceiving objects we will not be surprised if soon we find a KWIAT model on some of his paintings or sculptures.

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