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KWIAT with a nomination for site of the year

Everyone should have a website – you could even say that it is the key to any business. The site is something like an online business card. But most importantly, it is made for the convenience of consumers. Everyone wants to get information quickly and easily.

Online shopping has many advantages: you can shop at any time of the day; delivery is made at a convenient time; crowds are avoided; you do not have to leave the comfort of home. And sometimes the prices are much cheaper.

It is for these reasons that we created a completely new site, thanks to AGMA Studio and Irina Barzeva. With joint efforts we have made as useful as possible for users, especially with its various filters for precise selection of glasses. Therefore, in 2020 we will participate in the “Site of the Year” in the category “E-shop”. Vote for KWIAT by October here:

We believe that when such a project, made with great desire and from the heart, is completed, it must be presented. Especially if it proves the high level of web development and online presence.

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