With KWIAT eyewear every season

Hot days are ahead, because the new collection 2021 of KWIAT is here. This year’s trends can be reduced to two words: colors and metal.

There are a lot of surprises for wearing prescription eyewear. It all starts with the KWIAT Chic models, which immediately impress with their geometric metal shapes: hexagons, circles and even rounded at the bottom and a cat’s eye at the top. There are also those that are just a cat’s eye that never goes out of style. The colors are warm and delicate and are mainly in rose gold, silver, yellow gold and other different shades. 

In the other opposite is the KWIAT Exclusive collection. Here the colors are many and varied: red, orange, gold, purple, silver, burgundy, brown, dark and light blue. Here, too, the material is mostly metal, but plastic also finds its place, of course. Especially favorite plastic glasses are KW EX 9179, which are cat’s eye at the top and cut out at the bottom.

Among the KWIAT sunglasses, a little more stand out – KS EX 9235. This oversize model is definitely among the favorites, because part of the plastic frame of some of the models is absolutely transparent. In 2021, there is a variety of glasses that are either fully colored or become lighter at the bottom. Brownish, blue and pink shades are predominant. In sunglasses, there is also a more serious penetration of metal.                       

                                       With the right pair of eyewear you can do anything!