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Summer Fashion Weekend 2022

Summer Fashion Weekend 2022 – one of the most spectacular events that takes place in St. Vlas in Marina Dinevi, passed in the best possible way. On Saturday, the review took place, where we presented the latest and most tempting KWIAT sunglasses and prescription frames.

To the sounds of our favorite summer song Watermelon Sugar, Stanimira Yotsova was the first on the podium to present the model KS EXR 9235. We look at her photos and confirm that this eyewear definitely belongs in the Top models collection.

Then the rest of the models came out and filled the catwalk with glamour, style and lots of beauty. With incredible grace, the KWIAT showgirls presented the eyewear in the coolest and sexiest way possible.

We should also mention one fact that remained “hidden” in the review – absolutely all plastic eyewear from the new KWIAT collection are made of cotton! We know it sounds incredible, but every single model is completely biodegradable. You can learn more about it here: 

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