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One-of-a-kind KWIAT glasses

One thing is clear for sure – all children want to look like their parents. They want to have like their clothes, shoes…glasses. KWIAT turns things 180 degrees and asks the question: “But why shouldn’t parents look like their children – always smiling, loved and… wearing the same glasses?”

This is the reason why the KWIAT team has created several special models from the Comfort and Regular collection named KWIAT Junior.

                                KWIAT Comfort x KWIAT Junior | KWIAT Regular x KWIAT Junior

Inspired by children and their sincerity in everything they do and say, KWIAT has selected several special models from the Comfort and Regular collections to pair with several even more special KWIAT Junior models.

Children want to imitate adults and quite often choose glasses like mom and dad. It’s time for adults to feel like children too, choosing one of the limited edition KWIAT Comfort or KWIAT Regular models – you’ll recognize them by the fact that KWIAT Junior is written on the inside of the handle.

Mother-daughter glasses or father-son glasses – the combinations don’t matter when you wear the same KWIAT glasses.

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