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KWIAT’s new logo

Trends in graphic design are often used as inspiration for a new logo. According to them, a logo can change its shape, color, font. But for more than 30 years now, KWIAT has such a rich history that even the trends could not influence the redesign of our new logo.

The hidden symbols of KWIAT

Polish crest – 30 years ago, a Bulgarian man and a Polish woman became the Cwetkowi family. A flower in Polish is “Kwiat”. As a sign of this love, the new KWIAT logo is in the shape of the Polish crest.
Mirrored K – The first letter in the name of KWIAT – it is inevitable that it will not be present in the new logo design.
Four leaf flower – The two mirrored K’s form a four leaf flower.
Knight helmet – The upper half part of the symbol has the shape of a front on a knight helmet for shading the eyes, corresponding with the main function of the glasses to protect.
Cheetah`s eyes – The cheetah has one of the best eyesight among mammals in the animal kingdom. This is exactly how we try to preserve the vision of our customers.


Diamond shape – The diamond is an illustration of all KWIAT eyewear collections. Because each one of them is a diamond in the crown of KWIAT.


With its elegant shapes filled with meaning, the new KWIAT logo is the crown on top of the name. And it releases one thing – the Bulgarian brand KWIAT is ready once again to show that sunglasses and prescription frames combine beauty, sophistication, strength and history. Because when you have a history behind you, combined with experience and attitude, you gain people’s trust.

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