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KWIAT: Trends for 2023

We have all been waiting for the trends of 2023, and here they are! And yes, you must take a moment to see what’s fashionable this year. If we have to use only one word, that would be… pink! Just imagine sunglasses and frames for prescription glasses in all the nuances you could imagine—there is something for every face type, hair tone, and skin colour. From fun and colourful lenses to dark grey ones, this is what you should expect to see in 2023. And we have gathered it all in our brand new KWIAT collection!


The glasses of 2023 are eco-friendly.

The year 2023 is deeply connected with the environmental theme, and this is something that KWIAT, as well as the fashion industry in general, takes into consideration and makes a key point in their upcoming collections. Glasses made from recyclable materials are the foundation of KWIAT’s sunglasses and prescription glasses collections. For many years the Bulgarian company produced glasses from cotton. This is biodegradable plastic that is extremely durable and made in a very specific and precise manner —the cotton is transformed into an acetate film, in which antibacterial agents are added. You can learn more about the process here.

Big and bulky is back in fashion!

We all know the signature glasses of the 1970s: big frames, whether sunglasses or prescription ones. Well, things have come a full circle, and now big and bulky is back in fashion in 2023. This year, you will see such glasses wherever you go, from celebrities to random strangers on the street. It is a must to have at least one such pair in your purse!



The bowtie is not just part of the formal attire.

Glasses have a very big impact on our appearance and the perception of our face by others. Sunglasses or prescription glasses that you choose for yourself or others must accentuate the eyes and other features of the face. Angular eyewear, also known as bowtie glasses, will help you do that. They resemble classical cat-eye glasses, but the bowties’ main differences are their bolder lines and accentuated angles. This type of eyewear is suitable for people with square, oval, or rectangular facial features. In these types of facial structures, most of the time the jaw is the widest part of the face, and the hairline and jawline are almost parallel. If your facial structure is wider at the jaw, you must choose frames (for sunglasses or prescription glasses) that draw attention to the top half of the face. This is why you should, at least, take into consideration the bowtie frames!


Metal frames of the “glaze” type are always in style!

Metal frames for eyewear of the “glaze” type, also known as frameless glasses, are preferred for many reasons. The extremely light design makes the glasses practically invisible for the wearer. And this is achieved without making any compromises to the durability or final looks. Metal eyewear is a symbol of elegance with an air of class. This is the last and most important detail for a flawless appearance. You can wear metal-framed sunglasses or prescription glasses to your business meetings or to a weekend party on the beach —and you would never go wrong with them! And for sure, you will stand out from the crowd.


This year, colourful lenses are everything your eyes need!

The 1970s are making a comeback, not only with the big and bold designs of the eyewear, but with the colourful lenses as well! Every person who wants to be fashionable and up to date with the trends must have at least one pair of sunglasses with yellow, orange, or even green lenses. The more eccentric and extravagant, the better! Colourful lenses are not only a fashion statement or an instrument to stand out from the crowd—they also have many functional benefits for the eyes and effectively protect the vision from harmful UV light. The yellow-tinted sunglasses collection KWIAT is something that is worth looking into before the beginning of the summer season.



Size does matter!

This year fashionable are big glasses as well as smaller and narrower eyewear. Nothing in between! KWIAT’s sunglasses and prescription frame collection has something for every face shape. The variety of classic and more modern designs will surely make choosing only one pair of glasses extremely difficult!


For the best looks, we need definition.

As we already mentioned, this year’s style is eyewear with bold lines and strong edges. It is particularly suitable for people with a rounder face shape—the facial features around the jawline are softer and rounder, almost like a circle. Usually, the widest part of the face are the cheeks, which make the face somewhat wider and shorter. The frames that suit people with such a facial structure are rectangular, elongated, or geometrical. The sharper and more structured angles will balance the softer features of the face and give it the definition it needs. One of our favourite models has to be KWIAT Exclusive 9271—the pale pink frame with accentuated, sharp forms in the front and spectacular, cut handles on the side is perfect for ladies with rounder facial features. If you prefer smaller eyewear, then KWIAT Exclusive 9272 from the women’s collections is the one for you—it has the same character and style as the previous model but in a smaller, more compact format.

Allow yourself to be creative!

People who wear prescription glasses know that they are an inseparable part of our lives and are a must for a normal day at work or just having fun. Although we usually tend to choose designs and colours that are rather classical, it is time to break the rules and have some fun with our everyday look! This year in style is the stripe, and it is something that you will definitely notice in KWIAT’s eyewear collections for 2023! Allow yourself to be different and unique by adding some colour and playfulness to your everyday wear!

Driving for your summer vacation was never this pleasant!

Maybe you remember that a little earlier we mentioned sunglasses with colourful lenses. Celebrating their comeback in fashion as a (somewhat) extravagant accessory, they are much more than just playful and fun eyewear. For many years, yellow-tinted sunglasses have been a first choice for people for many reasons, much different from the fashionable ones. Yellow-tinted sunglasses protect the vision from harmful UV light and at the same time allow us to see things around us in incredible detail. This type of eyewear can sharpen vision in situations with lower visibility, while the ability to block upcoming sources of light makes it perfect for driving after dark. Yellow-tinted sunglasses are a year-round solution—eyewear for foggy weather; this is another name for the sunglasses with yellow lenses—because they are extremely suitable for driving in situations with lowered visibility or twilight.

The aviator sunglasses that will never go out of style!

The aviator eyewear is one of those models that will always find its place on the cover of fashion magazines. Extremely diverse when it comes to materials for the frames and colours of the lenses, aviator glasses are a perfect choice for people with an elongated, rectangular face. The facial structure is usually longer than others, and the three main lines of the head—the hairline, eyeline, and jawline—are almost the same in length. The rectangular face is longer and narrower; this is why it usually benefits from the softer, rounder shape of the aviator glasses. To choose the size that fits your face the best, KWIAT has prepared numerous sizes of sunglasses or prescription frames in the aviator style!


Pink, pink, and more… pink!

Simpler or bolder, richer or pastel—this year pink will dominate as a shade in eyewear. This extremely versatile colour is easily combined with almost any outfit. Once you choose pink, it will be quite difficult to look back at the more classic shades and colours. This year, pink in the new KWIAT collections comes to life before our very eyes in many shapes and designs. From pale pink frames for prescription glasses with oval and round features to sunglasses in a bolder pink color with big lenses and thick handles. One of our favourite models has to be the KWIAT Exclusive 9271 —the combination between a clean and simple frame in the front and boldly cut handles on the side will leave you breathless! If this size is too big for you but you still want that true sex appeal, then choose KWIAT Exclusive 9272. The narrower bowtie frame will fit perfectly into your everyday look without missing the chance to stand out.

Men’s sunglasses and eyewear frames for 2023

The time has come to take a moment and browse the top men’s sunglasses and prescription glasses models of this year. Like the women’s collection, here we also see bolder decisions that will definitely accentuate the style of the gentleman. This year, the most popular eyewear frames are transparent or semi-transparent in combination with reflective or semi-translucent lenses. One of our favourite models from the men’s collections is KWIAT Regular 9622. The classic aviator shape with transparent frames and grаy, reflective lenses will definitely draw attention to you!

If transparent eyewear frames are not your cup of tea but you still enjoy the classics, like the aviator shape, then don’t forget to browse the other variations of the KWIAT Regular 9622 model. The black-on-black combination is an absolute classic. Why not choose the classic black frames with grey lenses or the intriguing Havana frame with grey lenses?

This year, green lenses are very common in the men’s sunglasses collections. Usually, the colour green is calming and refreshing to the wearer, and it is easily combined with a variety of styles and colours of frames.

Bigger sunglasses, shaped like a mask, are also in style this year and are in the trends for 2023. Here are some of our top suggestions: unisex model KWIAT sunglasses in three extremely elegant and chic colours:


This year’s styles are coloured, and this includes the models in the men’s and women’s collections. Sunglasses with dark lenses and frames in black and red will be quite common this season!

In KWIAT’s men’s collection for 2023, you will find a variety of colour combinations, from classic ones to new and intriguing ones! Some of the old but gold classics include sunglasses with black frames and black or dark blue lenses or the stylish blue-on-blue style. For the gentlemen who like to add some spice to their looks, this year’s styles include black frames with green lenses as well as Havana frames combined with brown or grаy lenses. And let’s not forget the unique transparent frames! 2023 is the time to express yourself through your eyewear!



Functionality without compromises!

Even though we use sunglasses mainly in the city, they are extremely important for our leisure time activities. Sports of any kind, as well as going on a hike in the mountains, are just two of those moments when our eyes need the best quality protection. In KWIAT’s Comfort collection, the predominant models are the men’s sports sunglasses, but there is one pair of unisex eyewear that is suitable for the ladies as well—the KWIAT Comfort 1503. These sunglasses are made with a special protective barrier on the inner side of the frame that effectively protects the eyes in many different situations, such as windy weather or extreme sun. The model can be found in a couple of colour combinations for the lenses and the frame, which is made from lightweight BIO plastic.

The black-and-white classics

Fashion trends keep us up to date and allow us to be modern in our looks and appearances, but there are some things that simply don’t need changing. The black-and-white classic is one of them. The contrast between these opposing colours creates the frame on KWIAT Top models 9121. Made from high-quality, extremely lightweight BIO plastic, this frame is in the cat-eye style and will accentuate the face without being too harsh or unpleasant.

If you are not a fan of bold and crazy colours but you still want to stand out from the crowd, the cat-eye frames with checkmate handles are a marvellous choice!

And speaking of sunglasses, the KWIAT Top models 9269 with its black front, dark lenses, and black and white handles is the one that will definitely win you over with its simplistic but bold style.

Old-school fashion but with a modern twist.

Didn’t we already mention that the 1970s and 1980s are making their comeback in 2023? Well, here is one of the old classics that is still going strong more than 50 years later: the cat eye. But we’ve mentioned it a couple of times by now. And you might already have a pair of cat-eye glasses in your purse? Well, not like these ones! The KWIAT Exclusive 9272 is made in 5 different styles that will definitely impress you. The combination of a black frame with brown lenses is a true classic. Another interpretation of this timeless look is the dark purple frame in combination with brown lenses. The marriage between a semi-transparent frame with a pink nuance and brown lenses is for the ladies that want to add a playful element to their everyday look. The multicoloured amber frame (or a colour known as Havana) with brown lenses is for the women that want to draw attention to themselves. And last, but certainly not the least, the combination of a transparent frame with a blue tint and brown lenses is for the lovers of strong colours and non-traditional combinations.

The endless sky is in your eyes!

The sky, the sea, and the ocean—a beloved, vast blue expanse is recreated in a pair of sunglasses. Sounds crazy to you? No! These are the brand new KWIAT Chic 9602 glasses. Lenses, iridescent from grey to deep blue, are carefully housed in a clean, golden, metallic frame that perfectly emphasises the non-standard shape of the lenses themselves. Precisely cut with delicately accented edges, this model of sunglasses is something that is worth picking up for the upcoming summer!

A classic shape in non-traditional colours

One of our top favourite models for this summer has to be KWIAT Chic 9055. The classic oval-shaped frame is made from acetate that is tinted in different colours to create a unique, almost amber-like effect. And the iridescent brown to pink lenses are the perfect complement to this extravagant frame.

The newest colour in KWIAT’s collection

We are definitely not afraid of new things. KWIAT Chic 9058 quickly turned out to be one of the most anticipated and searched for models from our 2023 collection. With its rectangular shape and extraordinary colour, this pair of sunglasses is the true hit of the summer season. If we try to describe it, the colour is something like a transparent black; the black frame is filled with small see-through dots that create something like a web. Depending on the density of the light source, when worn, the sunglasses could give the impression of a black, grey, or transparent frame, or, when looked at closely, a frame with small, transparent holes. This is a very expensive and laborious colour to produce, but when worn, it looks incredibly chic and stylish. These frames, as well as the material of almost all our eyewear, are produced from cotton, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable. We at KWIAT strive to manufacture frames and eyewear that take into consideration the needs of our clients and the needs of the planet. This is why we have developed the technology to transform cotton into an acetate sheet, from which we create most of our frames! This is only one more reason to choose KWIAT for your eyewear!


The most special colour of them all: Havana!

This is a colour that you must see for yourself because it is extremely intricate in its details. Fashionable and quite innovative, this colour is preferred by many because of its versatility on various skin types and facial features. If you find choosing sunglasses difficult, we suggest you try a pair of Havana ones. Just like in the previous model, the sunlight plays a role in the perception of the frames – from dark chocolate brown to light brown with semi-transparent elements with a yellow tint, or sometimes even resembling a tiger print. This very intriguing colour is achieved using the cotton acetate that has been dyed in a specific way to create this truly amazing result!



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