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The benefits of yellow glasses

For the upcoming sunny days, your eyes need yellow-tinted glasses!

More sunshine, less snow, more enthusiasm, and less time spent at home—you can feel spring in the air! The long-аwaited warmth of the sunshine after the icy months of winter is extremely pleasant, energizing, and motivating. And for sure, it will make us forget staying at home on the couch and push us towards our new adventures. Climb a mountain, set a record. Or take a walk with the person you love. Even though we all have been waiting for the long and sunny days, wishing to leave the cold and harsh winter behind us, we always must keep in mind that the sun can be very damaging for the skin and the eyes. Sunglasses are a must in spring and summer, but did you know that not all sunglasses are built the same? And no, this is not about brand or quality. It’s the colour that matters!

Yellow-tinted sunglasses are not just a fashion statement.

Even though they were extremely popular in the 1970s because of their alternative and intriguing style, yellow-tinted sunglasses are not just a fashion statement for lovers of a more eccentric look. They have many benefits that are often overlooked and, for sure, not discussed enough with the public! Suitable for exercising, working on a screen or monitor, driving, or just protecting your eyes daily, let’s explore why this year you should choose at least one pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses!

Yellow-tinted sunglasses allow you to focus on the details.

One of the benefits of the yellow-tinted sunglasses is the way they filter through the light. Blocking the shorter wavelengths (in the blue and violet spectres) the yellow-tinted sunglasses will help you see things near and far more clearly and with far more detail than before. No wonder why yellow-tinted sunglasses are the primary choice of many sportsmen and women, from the ski and snowboard athletes who want to overcome the irritating sun reflection on the snow to the professional golf players for whom every detail matters in order to play the perfect game.

Choosing quality, yellow-tinted sunglasses will guarantee your eyes’ protection from the harmful UV light. Meanwhile, the contrast and light in situations with low visibility, twilight, and fog will improve significantly, and at the same time, the glasses will effectively block the flares from upcoming traffic or other sources of light. This is quite useful when driving in bad weather or in unexpected weather conditions.

If you can’t imagine the difference between the classic dark shades and the yellow tinted sunglasses, we advise you to try and see for yourself.

The quality yellow-tinted sunglasses of KWIAT.

For the upcoming sunny months, your eyes will need good protection. Choose the collection of yellow-tinted sunglasses KWIAT. Made with attention to every detail, our glasses will protect your eyes and significantly improve your vision, especially in bad weather. Variations of yellow-tinted sunglasses can be found in the women’s and men’s collections in some of your favourite models and styles.

And for people who wear prescription glasses and prefer not to replace them with sunglasses, KWIAT offers the option of a clip that attaches directly to the frame and protects the eyes with the power of yellow lenses! Some of the best models are:  KCL 2020, KCL 2030, KCL 2033, and KCL 2036. This summer, take extra good care of your vision! Choose yellow-tinted glasses KWIAT!


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